Andkon Fan Site

I stumbled upon a few days ago (that is, 2004-10-28), when I visited mozillazine and saw as headline something like “Andkon tackles Mozilla again”. Aha, I thought – naive as I was – , so there are people in this world (apart from M$) who do not like Mozilla. Then I read his article about’s design, and realised that he had some good points. I read more of his stuff, especially the proof that he was right about the Hummer owners. Though I could add a word or two concerning the Trabant. Finally I came up to his Berners-Lee fan site. Damn it, the first (and as yet only)Berners-Lee fan site? Why the hell hadn’t anybody come up with that before, in all the years the WWW existed? People create websites about all sorts of shit. Yet nobody had thought of the one man who made it possible to do so.

So all hail Andkon. At least as long as he doesnt pick on me.