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2011-02-10 20:40:20 | Author:

…only three days into running a tor exit node. Didnt expect it to happen that quickly.

So some guy running a bittorrent client seems to have been routed over my node, and distributed some stupid movie. Paramount sent a polite mail to Hetzner this morning (the relevant part being “We hereby request that you immediately remove or block access to the infringing material…”), and Hetzner duly forwarded the complaint to me.

I replied “I’m running a tor node” yadda yadda yadda, and promised to switch to a reduced exit policy. Which I did.

Wont be the last time someone complains, I guess, because it’s near to impossible to run an abuse-free node, see this guy who really really seems to try ^^.

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2011-02-07 21:58:49 | Author:

I set up a tor exit node yesterday on the very host that serves this webpage.

It feels a bit strange to have lots of traffic originating from my IP while having no control about the content (apart from some rules, like, traffic going to the conventional SMTP and IRC-Server ports is not allowed), and having read scary tales about abuse complaints and over-zealous law enforcement.

Also, I’m not the only one using this host, and some people would be pissed considerably if it went down.

Nevertheless, I take optimism from the fact I’m not alone. In fact, right now, it seems there’s 56 tor nodes, 13 of these being exit nodes, hosted with Hetzner alone. wheeee.

(German total: 118 exit nodes / 459 servers)

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2010-10-01 07:21:29 | Author:
  • PHP: She’s a whore of many years who has decided she likes being cheap and getting abused. For her better customers, she tries to look classy. Even then, she stinks.
  • Perl: better organized than PHP, and without that rancid smell of deliberate idiocy. She’s useful, but if you ever fall in love with her, you have some weird fetish.
  • Javascript: Small but powerful. If you give her shit, you’ll have a bad time. Treat her right, and you’re in for some fun. Has some spots on her background, but tries to get past that. Calls herself ECMAScript these days.
  • Java: Plays the grande dame in her middle-class apartment. Hates hippies. Gives you a spanking if you dont like her collection of garden gnomes.
  • C++: You need some time to get her trust. And to get used to her face. After that, you can do anything with her.
  • Delphi: In some forgotten cottage in the woods she lives. She’s the relative who has worked hard all the years, not the least for you, but now that she’s old you dont wanna hang around her any more. People who visit her report she’s still alive, but really not by much.
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2010-09-07 19:53:13 | Author:

profitable grüße vom neuen server :)

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2010-08-26 19:15:05 | Author:

(Story on slashdot)

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2010-03-19 00:39:09 | Author:

When configuring log4php 2.0, there are four configurators one can choose from:

* INI file (.properties)
* PHP array
* PHP configuration class
* XML file

I looked at the INI file and PHP array options.

For a simple configuration – four appenders (two echo appenders, two file appenders) that are used by two loggers – initializing both loggers (Logger::getLogger(‘…’)) took
* INI file – 17..25ms
* PHP array – 10..11ms

* in both cases, 7..9ms of that time were spent loading 19 classes. wow.

Note: these times were recorded using Xdebug – which slows everything down a lot, I guess

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2009-10-31 11:12:08 | Author:

When trying to add a javascript plasmoid to the KDE Destop (kubuntu 9.10 aka karmic), it showed only this message:

Could not create a javascript ScriptEngine

Very helpful indeed.
Turns out I had to install the package plasma-scriptengine-javascript .

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2009-10-24 20:33:57 | Author:

When having a romantic streak, normal heart shapes are not enough for me. They have to be special. That’s why I wrote an ASCII art generator.
Be warned: It works in Firefox 3.5, and I suspect nowhere else. I do not care enough, but if you want to improve upon things, I put the code on github.
Also, it’s really slow, but that’s the prize to pay for doing graphics in Javascript. ;)

       'WWWWWWWWWWWWWc        ~"tc!':-^>oRt,
      WWWW#        /WWW0    ,Yt)         ^1WW`
     WWW1\            WWWV !)^-M`": ^"  \   !Wo~
    WWW   :      Wj   WWWWWW}':    tW        MW,
    WWC  J      ^WWWWWW= :WWW0~ ,<@WWNRWBWt``WAc
   'WW  MT,-     'zHo^  ^   /JWWWs>/      'NWr >
   3WWD     ,:"~- :          )WW  ,         W-
    aWWzWf !A[             |  3  `^        !  W
     zWWWWD#}  yW   W        NM          WW  Wr
      @WWWWWWWWr         -WWWWWW'        WRkW^
         xWWWW9c'> ,,   8W0~'JMWWWx     WWWo
           >@W2tHBWWX  :WN      WW,   WWW^
             ~0 +   cW   vW     EW'hWWw
               -wk4x^Wx        vWWWt
              v   `+6A[!:'   %WWD
                       "^' 4WWW
                        :^ WW{W

(I took the liberty of using an image by Aleksejs Kostins here).

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2009-04-12 18:10:50 | Author:

Gründonnerstag ging’s mit’m Abendmahlsgottesdienst noch sehr harmlos zu.

Aber seitdem herrscht ein gnadenloser Kampf ums Überleben.

Vorgestern hab ich mir beim Aufräumen ‘nen Fuß aufgeschnitten.

Gestern mittag hab ich Barfußläufer es knapp vermieden aufm Dachbodenfußboden auf lebendige Bienen zu treten (Siegpunkt an meine Ohren).

Gestern abend haben wir den Sensenmann mit reichlich Bierkonsum ferngehalten (ein Siegpunkt an Thilo!), und es gerade noch vermeiden können, den Wald anzuzünden (Siegpunkt an Simon, zum Trost).

Heute gab’s einen Totfresswettbewerb, und der ging schon nach dem morgendlichen Gottesdienst mit einem opulenten Frühstück los. Als die Konfis und Teile der JG in guter Ordnung den Rückzug nach Ungarn angetreten hatten (Siegpunkt an Ute und Marco) und das Schlachtfeld geräumt war (Siegpunkt an Ulf, wen sonst), stand vielerorts Mittagessen auf dem Plan, dichtauf gefolgt von Kuchenschlachten sondergleichen (Siegpunkt an alle Mamas, und zuweilen Schwestern und Freundinnen).
In den vergangenen Stunden gab es also in meinem Verdauungstrakt ein sehr beengtes und von kleineren Mißtönen abgesehen harmonisches Miteinander von Lebensmitteln und ähnlichem. Namhafte Beispiele sind Gewürzgurke und Obsttorte, Nutella und Oliven, Fleisch und Wackelpudding, Rosenkohl und Käse (Siegpunkt an meinen Magen).

Jemand schlug vor, anbaden zu gehen. Ein Vorschlag, der beflissen ignoriert wurde (Siegpunkt an alle außer Christoph).

So nebenbei arbeitet die Sonne beflissen daran, langfristigeren Überlebensplänen mittels UV-Strahlung zu begegnen (Siegpunkt an Mutti, die mich zugedeckt hat).

Ich weiß noch nicht, was Morgen geschieht.
Aber ich werd keine Zeile Code anschauen.
Siegpunkt an mich.

So. eigentlich sollte das nur ‘n Kommentar zu Martas Ostergrüßen werden, aber da ist’s mir jetz zu eng, um soviel zu schreiben.

2008-09-28 10:48:09 | Author:

nubig, nubiger, am nubigsten
Silbentrennung: nu·big
Aussprache: [ˈnubɪç]
Bedeutung: unerfahren, ahnungslos
Herkunft: englisch newbie (Neuling), Kurzform newb bzw. noob
Beispiele: [1] Der Typ ist sowas von nubig

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