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…only three days into running a tor exit node. Didnt expect it to happen that quickly.

So some guy running a bittorrent client seems to have been routed over my node, and distributed some stupid movie. Paramount sent a polite mail to Hetzner this morning (the relevant part being “We hereby request that you immediately remove or block access to the infringing material…”), and Hetzner duly forwarded the complaint to me.

I replied “I’m running a tor node” yadda yadda yadda, and promised to switch to a reduced exit policy. Which I did.

Wont be the last time someone complains, I guess, because it’s near to impossible to run an abuse-free node, see this guy who really really seems to try ^^.

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2011-02-07 21:58:49 | Author:

I set up a tor exit node yesterday on the very host that serves this webpage.

It feels a bit strange to have lots of traffic originating from my IP while having no control about the content (apart from some rules, like, traffic going to the conventional SMTP and IRC-Server ports is not allowed), and having read scary tales about abuse complaints and over-zealous law enforcement.

Also, I’m not the only one using this host, and some people would be pissed considerably if it went down.

Nevertheless, I take optimism from the fact I’m not alone. In fact, right now, it seems there’s 56 tor nodes, 13 of these being exit nodes, hosted with Hetzner alone. wheeee.

(German total: 118 exit nodes / 459 servers)

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Einmal im Jahr läßt der Deutsche die Zeiten aufleben, als der Tommy noch in den Wolken hing, und er sein und anderer Leben für die totalen Blödsinn opfern durfte.
Es ist Silvester – Zeit, es dem Himmel heimzuzahlen für ein Jahr Bombardement mit Regen, Schnee, Sonne, Wind und was von dort noch so an Unbill zu erdulden war. Der Krieg ist nicht verloren, tönt es wie Donnerschall von Heimstatt zu Heimstatt. Die deutsche Kriegsmaschinerie läuft an, präzise werden alle Vorbereitungen getroffen.
Papa klammert das Feuerzeug, während Filius die Munition bündelweise heranträgt. Das den Dienst an der Waffe verweigernde Weib wird der Wehrkraftzersetzung bezichtigt, und für Sanitätsdienste abgestellt. Dann ist es soweit: Punkt null Uhr null wird zurückgeschossen! Aus jedem Vorgarten, von jeder Straßenecke spermt der Volkssturm gegen die Wolkendecke, daß jeder Pornostreifen dagegen aussieht wie Space Odyssey gegen Star Wars.
Nach einer halben Stunde Dauerfeuer ist der Vorrat an Explosivmaterial aufgebraucht. Freund wie Feind waren schon nach fünf Minuten im Pulverqualm verschwunden. Jetzt wird’s auch langsam kalt, Papa hat drei Finger weniger, und von drinnen lockt der Rest der Schampusflasche. Befriedigt ob der Wiedererlangung der Lufthoheit über dem Vaterlande, zieht sich der Bundesprolet in die Betonschachtel zurück, aus der er Mitternacht gekrochen ist. Fünf Minuten später fängt es an zu regnen. Frohes Neues.

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normally, when you create a new iframe and set its src to about:blank, you can access its contents, like this:

bla.innerHTML = '<iframe src="about:blank" id="foo" ></iframe>';

// and, once its loaded:


Internet Explorer, at first glance pretty randomly, explodes in your face with an “Access denied” message when you try to access the document.
I suspected lots of different things, and needed days to finally figure it out:

If the parent window’s document.domain property has been explicitly set at some point, an empty frame is treated as belonging to different domain.

And because we cannot cross domain boundaries, yadda yadda yadda, access to their content is denied.

Workaround: set the iframe’s source not to “about:blank”, but to “blank.html”, for example. It does not matter if that page exists or not: to Internet Explorer, the frame willl be from the same domain, and all is well. That’s actually the same thing doubleclick/ Google Ads does.

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I’m using a Dell XPS M1330. I have a HDD password set. Last Saturday evening, I had the following symptoms:

  • upon entering the HDD password on startup, the system said “wrong password”
  • after three failed attempts, it offered a system self test, which failed to find a HDD: “Error code 2000-0141 No drive detected”
  • Accordingly, not even the BIOS screen showed the HDD

At this point I thought there were only two possibilities: a) completely broken HDD or controller, b) cosmic rays garbled the password on the HDD

Wrong. It is the keyboard. On two keyboard ‘columns’, when pressing one key, the keyboard adds the corresponding character from the other column. Example: I press b, and “bv” appears on the screen. I press “v” and “vb” appears.

Argh ^^ Better than a b0rked HDD, though, because I dont do backups every day.

My guess was that I’d have to replace the keyboard. But no. Removing the keyboard, disassembling it and cleaning out (as best as possible) the filth of two years fixed it. Took me half a day. – There’s still a bad aftertaste, though, because I didnt find the reason. Maybe cleaning was unnecessary, and just re-attaching the connector would have sufficed?

How many laptops have been scrapped because of a dirty keyboard, one wonders.

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  • PHP: She’s a whore of many years who has decided she likes being cheap and getting abused. For her better customers, she tries to look classy. Even then, she stinks.
  • Perl: better organized than PHP, and without that rancid smell of deliberate idiocy. She’s useful, but if you ever fall in love with her, you have some weird fetish.
  • Javascript: Small but powerful. If you give her shit, you’ll have a bad time. Treat her right, and you’re in for some fun. Has some spots on her background, but tries to get past that. Calls herself ECMAScript these days.
  • Java: Plays the grande dame in her middle-class apartment. Hates hippies. Gives you a spanking if you dont like her collection of garden gnomes.
  • C++: You need some time to get her trust. And to get used to her face. After that, you can do anything with her.
  • Delphi: In some forgotten cottage in the woods she lives. She’s the relative who has worked hard all the years, not the least for you, but now that she’s old you dont wanna hang around her any more. People who visit her report she’s still alive, but really not by much.
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profitable grüße vom neuen server :)

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2010-08-26 19:15:05 | Author:

(Story on slashdot)

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Ich habe mich eben von einem Kohlrabi mit Hohlraum überraschen lassen:Kohlrabi mit Hohlraum, Schnitt
Wenn das mal keine Absicht ist… in einigen Jahren haben bestimmt alle Kohlrabis noch viel größere Hohlräume. ^^

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* directory with a file “config.php”
* I add a rewrite rule config/something.php -> someotherfilephp
* I try to access config/something.php
* mysteriously, an empty file is returned (Status Code 200)
* I look into the log, and realize config.php is accessed
* Being absolutely clueless, I grab our sysadmin by the arm and shove him to my place
* after a long search through the apache config, he stumbles upon the MultiViews directive
* set “-MultiViews”
* everything works as expected
* … bang head against table…

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