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2013-12-25 10:06:48 | Author:

* archiv entpacken
* eventuell installieren: libsdl-mixer1.2, libjpeg62
* bei Bedarf in ~/.clonk/rage/config die Auflösung anpassen
* ./install.sh aufrufen und clonk über’s desktopmenu starten können, oder ./clonk64 direkt starten

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2008-09-02 21:28:59 | Author:

I modified the scenario “02. Blutbad” from the Clonk Planet Skullbreak Melee contest so that it runs in Clonk Rage.
Not everything does what it should – the fluids (lava, acid) are not fluid, and I broke some things *cough* like player locks, and the ship dramatically exploding at the start of the scenario.
But who cares – the weapons are still working…

Projekt page on assembla.com

hmmm… I played the original scenario running on CP4.65, and it is far more fun and bug free. I’ll have to put some real work into it if I find the time ^^


  • weapons rewrite part1 – weapons.c4d


  • clonk dies properly with all those body parts flying around ^^
  • copied the materials from clonk rage materials.c4g, so the lava flows again

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