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2012-02-04 22:46:03 | Author:

After realizing how bad I am at estimating my chances in battle in the Axis & Allies 1940 board game, I looked for a combat simulator/calculator.

I disliked the input style (hitting tab until you get to the field for the unit type you want to add) on dskelly.com , so I decided to do my own thing. Sources are at github, as is customary these days.

There’s a lot of stuff missing, and I have no idea about the rules for variations other than the 1940 variant, but I’m quite happy right now ;)

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2012-01-20 23:00:43 | Author:

Discovered gource the day before yesterday. Want! In the office! In realtime!

sudo apt-get install gource

Gource can read the logs from existing repositories.

But to continuosly feed it with incoming revisions, we’ll attach a post-commit hook to the SVN repository that creates a custom log format, which is then written to a file as the changes come in.

Add to or execute from /hooks/post-commit in your svn server directory:



AUTHOR=`svnlook author --revision $REV $REPOS`
TIME=`date +%s`

svnlook changed --revision $REV $REPOS | while read line; do
        STATE_FILES=`echo $line | sed -E 's/\s+/|/' -`
        echo "$LOGLINE" >> "$CUSTOMLOGFILE"

Right. Now pipe the log file’s contents to gource:

tail -F /home/fusselwurm/svn-gource.log | \
  gource --log-format custom -200x200 -


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